Why WordPress is the best CMS


WordPress is a free open source content management system (CMS) that has a global community of users. A CMS is an integrated set of tools that makes developing and publishing all types of content online possible. WordPress experiences over a million new posts published by its users every day, making it one of the largest and most popular content management systems ever.

The benefits of WordPress

WordPress is one of many content management systems available today. What sets it apart from the rest? It is widely considered to be the best CMS around. Here are the top reasons why:

  1. Free for everyone and open source
  2. Global support
  3. Management of all kinds of content

WordPress is free to use by anyone, and can be installed on practically any hosting platform. It was designed to make online publishing more available and accessible for everyone, with any types of content to share. It is a set of open source code files that are updated and modified by developers. Because it is open source, WordPress developers and independent contributors are constantly adding to and improving its core code and its huge host of functions. This also allows it to evolve with modern internet culture and the ever-changing needs of its users. WordPress is used all over the world, and has developed a global support system to cater for such a wide user base. The WordPress organisation and user contributors assist with everything from updates and security to helping new users get acquainted with the system. They offer weekend boot camps, user groups and forums, tutorials and a dedicated around-the-clock help desk to ensure that any problems or concerns are swiftly remedied. Content management systems are usually designed to meet specific and dedicated needs instead of a blanket approach. WordPress is flexible and versatile enough to handle all types of content without limiting their services or user base. WordPress also supports content creation efficiently, from simple text or image blogs to podcasts, portfolios, videos, and ecommerce. Collaboration and project management tools are also widely supported.

A flexible and adaptable CMS

The open source nature of WordPress allows a long list of additional features to use. From themes to plugins, a user can completely customise their WordPress appearance, functionality and experience in infinite ways. The versatility of WordPress also allows users to scale and upgrade as their needs evolve, whether is a new functionality via a plugin or a complete front-end redesign with a new theme. Contact Cloud.co.za about hosting your WordPress site today.

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