Three solutions for productivity

1. One-click Install

The one-click installer of WordPress Toolkit does everything from start to finish – downloads WP, creates a database with a database user, creates an admin account in WordPress and initializes WordPress.

2. Staging Environment

You can clone your website and set up a staging environment to test new features and new ideas without affecting your website.

3. 1-Click Hardening

Scan all your WordPress sites with Plesk to identify threats and protect your them, no manual work needed. Simply check the websites you wish to harden, click “Secure”, and you’re done.

Wordpress Server Plans

For all Web Hosting Plans: Monthly Contract, Monthly Billing, Cancel Anytime.
*Unlimited Bandwidth: CLOUD.CO.ZA reserves the right to reduce the bandwidth in cases of extensive use. Contact us if you have a question.

Why Plesk WordPress Server Solution ?

The Plesk WordPress Hosting is ready to deploy out-of-the-box configurations that come with pre-configured settings and our top extensions pre-installed, focused on all you need to manage your WordPress environments – optimized.



Plesk WordPress Toolkit allows server administrators, resellers and customers to manage their WordPress instances, enabling a variety of development workflows for WordPress admins of all skill levels, from beginners to pros.

Unique features

Plesk makes it super easy to host your WordPress website with pre-configured settings and extra security features pre-installed

No need to test changes on your live site again thanks to integrated cloning and staging functionality

Many Plesk extensions already pre-installed

Integrated WordPress Toolkit allows mass management of multiple WordPress websites on a single server

Rock-solid server-to-site security

Secure multiple sites with one click

Built-in back-up tool

Self-repair functionality

Included in All Packages

1-click hardening of WordPress for All instances Install new WordPress instances
Mass management of WordPress instances Add existing WordPress instances (Manual)
Manage plugins & themes Migrate remote WordPress instances
Auto-Updates for WordPress, plugins and themes Cloning a WordPress instance
Maintenance mode management Staging environment
Debug management Sync data between WordPress instances
Password protection Full Security Check
Search engine indexing management Command Line Interface

FAQ - Your questions? We got answers!

What are the advantages of WordPress hosting?

  • WordPress allows you to easily manage your website. You can add themes, install useful plugins and make changes, all with the click of a button. We ensure that our servers are optimised to make your WordPress websites are as stable as possible and deliver the best performance

Can I create email accounts?

  • Yes, your WordPress product also functions as a hosting package and you are able to create email accounts.

Is WordPress hosting secure?

  • Our security team at Hostafrica ensure that your WordPress websites are as secure as possible. Firewalling, fail2ban and server hardening are all used to ensure that your website stays secure.

What is the difference between a WordPress Server and WordPress Hosting?

  • A WordPress Server package will give you a superior performance to a WordPress Hosting package.