Resell your own Virtual Servers

Resell your own virtual servers

Did you know you can resell your own virtual servers? offers a VPS resellers program that includes all the best features. The setup is instant, easily installed and runs within minutes. With only a one-time setup fee, you get the best prices in the business. You also qualify for discounts on a sliding scale that averages twenty percent off the list price.

Features of the cloud reseller program

Our cloud resellers program offers full automation, with free modules for WHMCS integration and a comprehensive API. Enterprise hardware ensures maximum performance and uptime, making the service reliable and consistent. With VPS for both Windows and Linux, and a comprehensive control panel for both, there is solution for any requirement. You can sell predefined plans without a contract – we charge on a pay-as-you-go basis, with a billing run at the end of the month. There is no monthly basis fee, only the one-time setup fee of R399. You can also easily add resources and licensed software to your cloud server for an additional fee, including cPanel licences, Plesk licences, MS SQL and Office. Here are just some of the advantages of our reseller program:

  • Instant setup and deployment – you will receive the login credentials for your Reseller Control Panel within seconds of signing up and your cloud server will be ready to roll in seconds.
  • KVM – all our servers use powerful KVM as Virtualisation technology.
  • Pay-as-you-go resource billing – pay for the resources you need as you need them, no monthly fees.
  • Weekly backup – our cloud servers are backed up once a week, with an additional Acronis Cloud Backup available if you need more granular backups.
  • Pre-licenced Windows servers – all servers using Windows have licences included at no additional cost.
  • Fast SSD – we only deploy SSD disks for our servers, which offer up to twenty times more speed than standard SATA.
  • rDNS and DNS management – both can be setup from the control panel.

A comprehensive server control panel for you and your customers

With our resellers program you get to be in control. Use our server control panel with a comprehensive API to tailor your own solutions. To resell your virtual server, sign up with today.

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