Which SSL Should I Buy for Google SEO Ranking Boost?


Having an SSL certificate is the easiest way to boost your Google SEO ranking. Did you know that there are different types of SSL certificates? There are 3 different tiers of security that different SSL certificates can offer you. The first tier is basic protection through standard domain validation SSL. This is the fast and economical solution for personal websites and blogs. For business websites looking for a stronger business-level SSL, organisation validated SSL is a step up from standard domain validation SSL. The highest class of SSL today is the extended validation certificate, which gives higher user trust in your website and its credibility.

Which SSL certificate suits your website the most?

All SSL certificates use encryption to secure information on a site, but different certificates are more advantageous than others depending on your type of website and the range of needs you want to cover. There is also a fourth type of SSL certificate called a Wildcard SSL, which enables you to secure an unlimited amount of subdomains on a single certificate. It exists as an option available for domain validation and organisation validation SSL certificates, and is ideal for anyone who hosts multiple sites or pages under the same domain. Here is a quick summary of the benefits of each tier:

  1. Basic security with standard domain validation SSL certificate: ideal for single, personal sites, static site seal, activates the browser padlock and enables the use of https, issued within minutes, affordable.
  2. Strong business-level organisation validation SSL certificate: dynamic site seal, ideal for businesses, activates the browser padlock and https, company identity included in certificate, user verifiable, issued within days.
  3. Maximum protection extended validation SSL certificate: dynamic site seal, ideal for large e-commerce companies, activates the browser padlock and https as well as the green address bar and displays your company name in the browser address bar, issued within days.

Why you need an SSL certificate

A site-wide SSL certificate communicates to site visitors that their sensitive personal information is secured. SSL also boosts your site’s SEO ranking, as Google boosts SEO results for sites that use SSL. To buy an SSL certificate today, contact Cloud.co.za.

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