A short guide to the ultimate server security


There are many ways that your system can be hacked if your server is vulnerable, but there are steps that you can take to minimise and even prevent damage. The most important thing is to have a good understanding of server security so that you are aware of potential threats and how you can prevent them.

You need to understand how your server works, even if you have an ISP. The greater your understanding, the better you will know what you need.

Don’t overlook the basics:

Some essential steps are practical but are often overlooked.

  1. One of them is privileges. Each person who uses your system should only have the privileges they need to perform their tasks. Understand who is interacting with your system, and understand which privileges they need to get their tasks Only give people the access they need and no more.
  2. Another one is the level of security you engage. You can’t depend on a single security measure to keep your server safe; you need multiple lines of defence. The more varied layers of defence you deploy, the more difficult it is for hackers to gain access to your server.
  3. Finally, find out how hackers operate; the more you know, the abler you are to strengthen your defences by identifying vulnerabilities in your server and operating systems.

Become proactive rather than reactive:

Unfortunately, most people have a reactive approach to security. When a security update is released, they download it, if something fails, they address it. But this only protects your server from known threats.

What about lurking threats?

Proactive security means defending your server against unknown threats by assuming that your server will be exploited at some point, and taking preventative action to limit potential damage. If you are well prepared, it will be easier to recover if your server is hacked or compromised. If you are unprepared, the damage done could be catastrophic.

Partnering with a reputable ISP like Cloud.co.za is your first step towards proactive server security. Contact us today to discuss your server security requirements.


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