How do I get my business online?


Businesses in today’s world should have an online presence. People now have the ability to source just about everything online, from anywhere in the world. A good way to grow your business is to determine how your online business fits in with your overall strategy. It can be very time consuming to run it yourself. Just starting out involves a lot of work. You will need to find a unique domain name for your site as you will become known worldwide by what you choose. Domain name extensions are the portion after the dot, such as:

  • .africa
  • .guru
  • .com

Choosing the right extension is also a consideration. Once your domain name and extension is chosen, you have a whole website to design, both on the front-end for your visitors to enjoy as well as the behind-the-scenes work involving coding, content development and so much more.

Why use for your online business?

Most people do not have the time or experience to design their own website. You can get a website builder package for your domain and the website builder will allow you to put together a great website without having any design coding experience. However, it may be easier if you have the budget to hire a professional web designer and developer to make your website unique and directly suited to your business. The professional web designer will create the website from start to finish and can tweak it to adjust for better and easier visitor interaction. You will have access to a personal account manager, a copywriter who will help you communicate your business’s message clearly and a creative website designer.

Benefits of using

Our technicians are available 24/7 with phone support during business hours and ticket support after hours so if there are any problems we can attend to it quickly and efficiently. We run servers that are deployed in South Africa but also offer German servers for overseas capabilities. Our packages are scalable so if you find your business evolving you can expand your hosting package to accommodate new requirements. Contact to get started.

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