New Reseller Implementation

Please see info on our new reseller implementation below:

Provisoning #

In order to provsion servers you need to follow these steps:

  1. Login to your client section
  2. Click on Services -> Order New Services
  3. On the drop-down, select the reseller server you would like to order
  4. Once you have selected the server that you want to order, you will be taken to the checkout page. You can then select the sizing of the server, operating system etc. Once checkout is completed your server will be created.

We operate all our Linux servers with OpenVZ/Virtouzzo or KVM. All our Windows server environments are based on KVM.

Location and Infratructure #

We operate all our SA servers from the Hetzner Data Centre in Samarand. All our servers are deployed with fast SSD.


If you would like to utilise WHMCS for the provisioning of your servers please use the following KB article:


IPs #

We own a local IP-net (Afrinic).

Billing #

We invoice our Resellers at the end of the month on a pay as you go basis.

Setup fee #

We apply a one off setup fee. There are no other monthly fees.

Pricing #

You will receive a rebate of 20% (on average) compared to our standard retail prices. Please see pricing at the below link:

VM Sizes #

You are only permitted to sell the same plans as we offer but you can determine your own pricing structue to your end customers.

Bandwidth #

Bandwidth for Resellers is NOT unlimited since Bandwidth costs in South Africa are relatively expensive. We therefore apply a fair usage policy for our end customers.

For Resellers we cap the bandwidth per VM or we apply an additional R0.60c per GB for over-usage.

Support #

For any support needs, please open a ticket under

To enable us to assist you in a timely, efficient manner please include all necessary information, such as root password, domain names, plus a short description of the problem / or assistance needed. This will speed up the support time (and help to minimise any inconvenience) by enabling our technicians and administrators to immediately begin working on your issue.

Updates #

If you would like to receive notifications on Network Status via RSS please use the information found at this link:

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any further questions or queries.

We provide an additional level of support via Slack, a free messaging app. If you ae interested, please open a ticket with us with your email address.

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