Which other Domains should you register?


If you spend enough time online, you’ll eventually find a revenge website. That’s when someone co-opts your name or identity into their domain and uses it against you. Something like WeHateSusanJames.com or HellenIsAcatfish.net. In some cases, this is annoyingly benign. In other cases, it could ruin your corporate reputation. Just think – someone could register your first name and last name, add a .biz or .org, and use it for illegal activities. And while you can sue them for libel, the damage will be done. That’s why it’s crucial to protect your digital identity. One option is to register multiple domains.

Put your name on it

The simplest method is to take your URL base (e.g. your first and last name, or your brand name) then register multiple suffixes. Initially, your only choices were .com and .co.za but now there are tons of extensions, such as:

  • .me
  • .info
  • .rocks
  • .family and many more.

You can get really specific, and you can redirect your suffixes to your main site at no extra cost. That means if someone types any of those variations, they will still be drawn back to your primary site. It increases your traffic and minimises chances of URL jacking, plus it’s free with certain hosts. Unfortunately, you can’t buy all domains, so which ones should you prioritise?

Local, global, and optimal

You want to register a country-based domain like .co.za. It ranks better in domestic web searches, and you get priority on localised versions of Google. International customers will consider you more professional and legitimate with a .com, but don’t overpay for it if someone has parked it. In such cases, a .net will do. Register an extension that defines your business, like .ac or .edu for academic institutions, .org for a non-profit, or .biz for a commercial enterprise. You could get even more micro with a .construction, .photography, or .design. Other suggestions are .mobi, or .africa. It’s easy to lose track of multiple domains though, so set them to auto-renew and don’t forget to redirect. For further guidance on what other domains you should register, call Cloud.co.za today.

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