Step by step guide for domain transfer process


The step by step guide for the process of domain transfer in South Africa is meant to simplify the understanding of how it’s done. Firstly, domain names are assigned to those requesting them when they set up their website. Most if not all these steps are done for you by your web hosting service unless you choose to go through it alone. The system for assigning names began in 1999 and is supervised by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). Domain names are set according to the rules of and registered with the Domain Name System (DNS).

Step by step guide for domain transfer only applies to active domains 

You have the perfect domain name for your website, and you want to secure it before anyone else does. A search will lead you to the current registrar and the first step is to request the domain name and associated code from that registrar. Next steps and notes:

  • Confirmation that it is available, and you accept it is done by email.
  • The request can fail if the domain name is locked due to non-payment by the registrar or other domain problems. If that happens it gets a little complicated to bring the domain name back into active status so you can apply again.
  • According to ICANN, the transfer must be complete in five days. If you fail to accept the transfer in that time frame, the transfer fails.

Your web hosting service already know the processing steps for domain transfer

The losing registrar may send instructions to you for approving the domain transfer in South Africa. Follow the instructions diligently. Once you accept the domain transfer and register it you cannot transfer it to another for 60 days. Check to make sure the domain name didn’t get locked or deleted during the transfer. If there are no glitches the domain transfer can be completed in less than a week. Save yourself time and aggravation and work with a reputable South African Web Hosting Service that understands the rules to process a domain transfer. Give a call today.

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