Migrating your email and site to a cloud server using cPanel/WHM software


Are you migrating to a Cloud server? You can follow a simple method using cPanel/WHM software to migrate all your information to your new server successfully. Before you start the migration process, you will need an IP address or domain name that resolves to your old server, your old server’s root password and a single or shared IP available on your new server.

The migration process

Once the basic cPanel settings for your new server have been configured, the migration can begin.

  1. Log in as the root user on the WHM control panel.
  2. Click on Transfers from the home screen and select Copy Multiple Accounts/Packages From Another Server.
  3. In the first section, enter the information about the server you are migrating from, such as the IP address, what type of control panel, and the remote SSH port number. The default selections – Use SSH and Use Incremental Backups speed-up – are highly recommended.
  4. In the next section, select Root and enter the password for your root user.
  5. Once all the correct information about your old server is entered, click on Fetch Account List.
  6. This will find all the accounts available to transfer to the new server; select the domain you want to migrate from the list of options, and click on Copy.

Note: the transfer requires the new window to stay open after you click on Copy. Depending on the amount of data you are transferring, the migration will finish anywhere between a few minutes and a few hours. You will be able to see each package status (top left corner of the browser window), as well as the overall copy progress, while the transfer runs.

  1. Click on OK to continue once you receive a browser notification that the transfer process has been completed for all available accounts.
  2. Check your transfer log files for issues; it is normal for a few errors to show as they are likely reflecting lesser-used system services or resources checks that are issued out of caution and are usually benign, but it pays to double-check.
  3. Check cPanel and WHM to ensure that all of your email addresses, clients, domains, etc. have migrated over correctly. You will want to look for:
    • Email user
    • Accounts
    • Reseller
    • FTP domain user

Last steps and support

You will want to check that all your server settings, such as custom firewall rules, PHP settings and Apache settings, are correctly configured. Lastly, you will need to change your DNS settings so that your domain directs to the new server. Do this by updating your DNS settings with the new IP address. If you’ve gotten stuck at any point during the migration process, contact Cloud.co.za. We offer full support and will walk you through the process.

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