What’s the difference between VPS hosting and Cloud Server hosting?


Understanding the difference can make all the difference! With people constantly using the terms VPS hosting and cloud server hosting, it’s easy to feel a little out of your depth. The terms are sometimes used interchangeably, but they are not the same thing. Though the differences may seem minor, they make a huge difference to your business. To get things clearer, VPS or Virtual Private Server (also referred to as Virtual Dedicated Server) is a physical server that can be divided into smaller portions that can each function as an independent server. Cloud servers (referred to as virtual machine, IAAS or infrastructure as a service) is a group of multiple servers that are connected in a cluster backed by a storage area network (SAN).

Benefits of VPS hosting and cloud server hosting

The main differences between VPS and cloud server hosting is their costs, scalability, server set-ups, and location. VPS hosting offers a high level of security, the complete freedom to manage your server with high customisation options, and high-performance limits. However, VPS hosting is limited by a physical machine. Cloud server hosting offers unlimited storage, services that are scalable and flexible to your needs, higher server availability to combat server failures, and resources that are available in real time. Each has their benefits, and while VPS hosting may be cheaper than cloud server hosting, you will still need to compare the worth of their individual benefits.

Which should you choose for your business?

It will depend majorly on what your hosting needs are. If you are looking for a simple website host that is cost effective, VPS hosting might be your answer. However, you are looking to spend a little extra in order to get more features out of your website hosting platform, consider cloud server hosting. You will want to look at how the different hosting options provide for your needs. Ask yourself

  • which costing is better for you?
  • how much scalability do you require?
  • is customisability something you need?

If you are having trouble choosing between the two, contact Cloud.co.za today for more information.

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