Guide to Cloud Performance Monitoring and Optimisation Tools


When it comes to cloud performance, you’ll hear a lot about the importance of analytics, but you don’t always get advice on what metrics you should keep an eye on (and how). You may also hear that cloud solutions are comprehensive, and that they solve everything. That doesn’t mean your input isn’t needed. You still have to actively track how your cloud storage is functioning, and maintain its status. The main advantages of cloud computing are price and scalability. Good cloud companies also provide you the ability to automate reports, but you still have to know which data is needed. Let’s look at some of the areas you should be monitoring:

  • Cloud usage and storage space
  • User experience and behaviour
  • Idle features

Benefits, checks, and balances

When you sign up for cloud hosting, you don’t have to buy any equipment. The package comes with its own hardware and software. Your cloud provider will manage these tools for you, and you can scale it up and down as needed. You do routinely need to review how much (or how little) of the cloud you’re using though, because that’s what informs your subscription. If you’re using up too much or too little of your assigned storage space, switch to a more practical package in terms of expenditure. You might have your own in-house monitoring tools, but double-check that they’re compatible with your cloud tracking tools.

Optimal user interface

Something we frequently overlook is the user experience. Test your systems to see how responsive they are. Any lags or glitches could indicate a need to upgrade your cloud configuration. Set triggers in place to tell you when usage exceeds or dips below a certain level, notifying you to make a shift. You can also check which features are most frequently used and which ones are idle. Unused features may be driving up your subscription cost, so you could opt for a separate, more price-friendly package that omits them. Before you begin any evaluation exercise, develop a list of what you’d like to assess. It makes the whole process faster, and more efficient. Give a call for more tips on optimising cloud performance.

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