cPanel & WHM: What it is, and what are the benefits.


If you’re already in the web space, you’re familiar with control panels (cPanel) and web host managers (WHM). But before we get into the benefits of getting yours from, let’s do a quick refresher for the uninitiated. When you drive a car, you have a dashboard with all your controls. Fuel gauges, speedometers, air conditioning, sound system, even the little space below the windscreen. It helps you know what’s happening in your car and gives you the tools to manoeuvre. Or if you don’t drive, think of your ‘dashboard’ as the settings section of your smartphone. cPanel is your website’s dashboard. It’s where you go to manage everything.

Then what’s WHM?

Sometimes, especially if you’re not too web-savvy, you want someone else to do those ‘dashboard things’ for you. WHM is a kind of ‘super-cPanel’ managed by a (VPS) web host. It enables your host to run your cPanel for you, as well as all their other customers. Meaning WHM is a platform that lets hosts independently manage the cPanels of all their clients. This allows you – as a web host – to sell your clients a stress-free ‘plug-and-play’ website. They can log on and populate the front end while you handle any messes in the back end.

Benefits of cPanel & WHM

As a web host – or even as an individual ePreneur with multiple URLs, cPanel & WHM facilitate the following:

  • Automated web management
  • 24/7 access to tech support
  • Easy creation of websites, emails, and file storage
  • Convenient data transfer and back-up
  • cPanel creation for newer web clients

The average website owner is focused on updating their blog, populating their newsletter, and checking their daily hits, and communicating with new web leads. They often lack the time or technical skill to do the ‘website-y’ portion of their eBusiness. So as a web host, you can make life far easier for them by handling their cPanel matters for them. You can still sell solo cPanel to developer clients, but for ordinary Joes and Janes, use WHM to service their sites. For affordable packages that offer both cPanel & WHM, call today.

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