Choosing the Right Cloud Server


When it comes to choosing the right cloud server, you might feel a bit overwhelmed. These days, there are hundreds of companies who offer cloud services. However, you will want to choose a company that is most aligned with your needs and interests. And, once you’ve found that company, you will also need to choose the right cloud server package.

Why should you choose

Well, simply put, when choosing the right cloud server, you will want a company that knows what it’s talking about. We have many years of experience in our line of work, and are proud to offer the following qualities to all our clients:

  • Affordable services to make provision for our many clients
  • Full 24/7 customer support from our professional and patient technicians
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Speedy response and set-up time to get your ball rolling as soon as you say “Go!”

Cloud servers and how to choose the right one

Perhaps you are satisfied and would like us to set everything up for you, but may still need help choosing the right cloud server. One of the primary aspects you need to consider is your budget. We offer cost-effective packages starting at R120 p/month for basic server needs. The pricing of the packages increases with the size of the server requirements. Then, will you be needing a Linux cloud server or a Windows cloud server? Included in each package for both server options is a variety of resources and features. We provide 99.98% uptime to ensure safety and reliability. Each server is automatically backed up every week. Our software options include CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, and more. Our servers are supported by cutting-edge technology such as Intel processors, fast SSD storage and KVM virtualisation. We also offer additional software and resources. At additional, yet still affordable, prices, you can add features and software such as MS SQL, cPanel/WHM or Softaculous, and extra resources including SSD, CPU and RAM. If you’re still stuck on choosing the right cloud server for your needs, simply give us a call. Our technicians are more than happy to assist.

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