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Cloud CDN

Content Delivery Network (CDN) with 100 Locations in 40 Countries

The Cloud CDN network is a global hosted caching service, hosted at multiple global data centres with in excess of 100 global PoPs in over 40 Countries boasting more points of presence than most other content delivery networks, and delivers at a fraction of the price.

Accelerate your site. Rank better in Google.

The Cloud Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a global network of caching servers and smart DNS routing that delivers your content and media to your users from the closest possible location.

How does it work?

The Cloud CDN Stack is an advanced edge server platform fully integrated with our cloud infrastructure. Globally distributed, it caches your site content, images, videos, CSS and puts them closer to your visitor. The result is the fastest possible load times, better Google rankings and less load on your servers!

Simply signup, login to your account and create your CDN resource. Our servers do the rest by fetching all static content from your web site and distributing it around our global caching servers. In just a few minutes your static web content would load locally to users browsing your web site - increasing the load time of your web site dramatically!

Here is an example of a global ping to our CDN resource which appears local to just about every network world-wide.


  • No Monthly fee – just Pay as you Go!
  • No Disk Space or Storage Fees
  • No packages – pay per GB
  • Create / Remove CDN Resources on demand
  • HTTP pre-fetch and purge controls
  • Total visibility and control at all times!