cPanel & WHM

If you’re already in the web space, you’re familiar with control panels (cPanel) and web host managers (WHM). But before we get into the benefits of getting yours from, let’s do a quick refresher for the uninitiated. When you drive a car, you have a dashboard with all your controls. Fuel gauges, speedometers, air […]

Flexible solutions to suit small businesses

Are there ever times when staying small beats going big? Your overall revenues are limited, but there are certainly benefits to curtailing expansion. For example: Your overheads are lower. You have closer ties to your staff. You can retain control. Your profit margins are higher. You have more flexibility in general. Fortunately, the modern eSpace […]

How to keep critical databases highly available in the Cloud

At we can show you how to keep critical databases highly available in the cloud. Highly available and stored in the cloud may seem contradictory. However, IT technicians are recommending cloud storage because new technologies allow for immediate availability. Quick access is necessary throughout the day for things such as reports, billing and processing […]

Using to start your own Hosting Company

Using to start your own hosting company is a wise choice. If you’re already using our servers for your own website, then you’re familiar with our technologies and services. If you want to expand to host other South African websites both you and they should own your domain. We use Enterprise hardware because we […]

Boosting server performance: Tips to enhance server speed

Remember being content with a 10-second loading speed for websites? For the RIGHT NOW generation, that’s way too slow. If your site doesn’t load in 3 seconds on a laptop or 2 seconds on a smartphone, you’ve lost a visitor and potential customer. Today, almost every website uses a Cloud server or VPS (virtual private […]

Disaster Recovery: The advantages of having a remote backup

If you have doubts about the need for data backup, all you must do is ask yourself the question, “How many days of work and what important data can I afford to lose?” As a private individual, business owner, government entity or large corporation, everyone who uses a computer has information that is valuable and […]

Purpose of using SSL certificates

With the threat of data breaches, phishing scams and other hazards constantly looming over e-commerce websites, every site-owner is concerned about security and data protection. Without this, your visitors face the risk of having their data stolen. Most customers are aware of the risks of sharing personal and financial information online when they make purchases. […]

What’s the difference between VPS hosting and Cloud Server hosting?

Understanding the difference can make all the difference! With people constantly using the terms VPS hosting and cloud server hosting, it’s easy to feel a little out of your depth. The terms are sometimes used interchangeably, but they are not the same thing. Though the differences may seem minor, they make a huge difference to […]

Does a dedicated IP address offer more SEO advantages?

There’s currently a huge buzz about the question of having a dedicated IP address. Of all the hosting features available to service providers, this is one feature that’s being hotly debated across the board. While some experts question the need for it, others passionately recommend it to boost your SEO rankings and your online presence. […]

Moving your WordPress site the easy way

When the time comes and you need to move your WordPress site to a new hosting company, there are a few important steps to follow. You can do this in three easy steps: Make sure to back up your site. Create your site’s WordPress database on the new host’s server. Reconfigure WordPress to reactivate the […]