Flexible solutions to suit small businesses


Are there ever times when staying small beats going big? Your overall revenues are limited, but there are certainly benefits to curtailing expansion. For example:

  • Your overheads are lower.
  • You have closer ties to your staff.
  • You can retain control.
  • Your profit margins are higher.
  • You have more flexibility in general.

Fortunately, the modern eSpace offers the perfect opportunity to run a small business. All you need is a working website and the right host. You can literally run a one (wo)man show with these basic tools. So, what are some of these online business helpers?

Digital ‘starter packs’ for small business

You probably need internet. Options include mobile broadband, which runs off your phone. It gives you flexibility because you can work from anywhere, and you can tether your other devices to your tablet or smartphone. Go for a business package rather than an individual one. It works out cheaper, and is often faster, with larger data bundles. Or you might prefer a business fibre connection for your office. This can be capped or uncapped (i.e. limited or unlimited browsing), but it needs underground wiring. If your area doesn’t have fibre coverage, go for ADSL (Asymmetric digital subscriber line), with or without a data cap. See if you can get it bundled with business mobile data, so that your staff’s smartphones stay connected, even when they’re outside the office. It’s especially helpful for Internet of Things (IoT) devices like speakers.

Get online and build your virtual office

Next, you need an ePremises, so grab your domain and find a suitable web hosting package. For a small business, shared hosting is best, because it costs less than dedicated hosting. Find one that facilitates maximal traffic – unlimited if possible. This ensures your website won’t crash during peak season. Because you’re a smaller entity, it’s unlikely you have your own physical servers – they can be unnecessarily pricey. Buy some cloud storage space instead, for your business files. It’s safer than flash disks and filing cabinets. For flexible, affordable, small business solutions to meet your website needs, give us a call today.

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