Additional pricing

Pricing for additional services such as migrations, mail sync and VLAN.

Service Description Price
cPanel migrations
Existing clients
From cpmove file R25 per cPanel account
cPanel migrations
New clients
One domain per hosting account
No splitting to add-on domains
Manual migrations
Existing clients
Up to 200GB, 3 databases (3GB max per db)
10 email accounts synced
Any excessive size resources to migrate will be quoted separately
R250 per hosting account
Manual migrations
New clients
cPanel only
1 Domain's hosted content/website
3 databases who's total size is less than 1GB
Up to 5 email addresses, whose total stored and migrated information is less than 5GB
For accounts that exceed these limits an admin fee may apply
Sysadmin Ad-hoc R500 per 30 min slot
Mail sync From external host R50 per email account
Outgoing mail filtering Spam Experts
Applies to managed services only
R50 per month
SSL installation Installation of purchased SSL certificate R250 per certificate
Softaculous Software license R50 per month
Domain WHOIS privacy For elected extensions R29 per annum
VLAN Per service R200 per month
VPS disk image Supplying a VPS disk image for download
Download available for 24 hours
R250 per image
cPanel account restoration
Terminated accounts
Notwithstanding unsettled service invoices or restoration fees, the following costs apply: R195 per cPanel account
R390 per WHM account