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Where did VPS Networks come from?

Not everything important that happened in 2010 was to do with soccer. While Bafana Bafana were checking their laces and stretching their hamstrings, those very clever people at Soluslabs came up with the SolusVM Virtual Server Control Panel.

Not that exciting, you might think – especially in comparison with South Korea vs Greece. We, however, thought it was very exciting (we know, we need to get out more). Having been in the business of virtualisation for a while, we got that this control panel completely revolutionised the way virtual servers could be built. Goodbye to all that time-consuming, complicated manual labour. Hello to instant servers, flexible capacity, ultimate control. The virtual server possibilities were, literally, endless.

We had two big things going for us. First, we owned the url – which, you’ll agree, is forward thinking bordering on the clairvoyant. More importantly, though, between us we had enough experience and expertise to know just how to make this great new technology work brilliantly for clients.

In July 2010, we signed up our first customer. By the end of 2013, we had nearly 800 – including being part of projects for brands like Nike, Pick n Pay, PNA and Samsung.

What makes us different?

We are very proud of the fact that we:

Send in the clouds…

When VPS Networks started, no one had even coined the term ‘cloud’ computing. In 2013 we secured because we could see the enormous potential of true cloud hosting. Since then, we’ve focused on creating even more powerful cloud hosting options for our clients – whether you’re a one person start-up or a global brand.